Super Bowl LVIII Odds

The AFC’s great young quarterbacks are at the center of the NFL’s power structure. Joe Burrow’s squad or Patrick Mahomes’ club has won the top NFL conference for the past four seasons in a row, with Josh Allen and the Bills also being major contenders this year.

The Chiefs (+550), the Bills (+850), and the Bengals (+900) are the odds-on favorites to win next year’s Super Bowl because of the ongoing power struggle among Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Kansas City.

Whoever triumphs in the AFC Championship Game next year will be heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl.

There is hope for the other AFC clubs, but the odds are much longer. The Jets’ chances of winning the Super Bowl have improved with the Aaron Rodgers revelation (more on that shortly), but the Chargers (+2000) pose an abstract danger.

Both the Ravens and the Dolphins (+2500) have significant quarterback baggage. If you think Baltimore and Lamar Jackson can come to terms on a new contract, the Ravens might be worth a gamble at this price.

If Tua Tagovailoa comes back in 2023 without showing any ill effects or decline in play, Miami’s offense will have all the makings of a Super Bowl contender.

The Jaguars (+2500) may be the strongest mid-range option since they are widely regarded as the league’s next great club following last year’s surprising run to the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs +550 +600
Cincinnati Bengals +900 +850
Buffalo Bills +850 +900
Philadelphia Eagles +900 +900
San Francisco 49ers +900 +900
New York Jets +1400 +2500
Dallas Cowboys +1800 +1400
Los Angeles Chargers +2000 +2000
Baltimore Ravens +2500 +1800
Detroit Lions +2500 +2500
Jacksonville Jaguars +2500 +2500
Miami Dolphins +2500 +3000
Los Angeles Rams +3000 +3000
Denver Broncos +3500 +4000
New Orleans Saints +4000 +3000
Cleveland Browns +4000 +4000
Las Vegas Raiders +4000 +4000
Minnesota Vikings +4000 +4000
New York Giants +4000 +4000
Chicago Bears +4000 +6600
Green Bay Packers +5000 +2500
Carolina Panthers +5000 +5000
Pittsburgh Steelers +6000 +5000
New England Patriots +6600 +5000
Washington Commanders +6600 +5000
Seattle Seahawks +6600 +6600
Atlanta Falcons +6600 +8000
Tennessee Titans +8000 +6600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +8000 +8000
Arizona Cardinals +15000 +25000
Indianapolis Colts +20000 +15000
Houston Texans +20000 +25000

Only four teams in the NFC are presently 10-to-1 or better merely to win the conference, suggesting that the betting market views the NFC as top-heavy.

The Eagles (+350 to win the NFC, +900 to win the Super Bowl), the 49ers (+350, +900), the Cowboys (+750, +1000), and the Lions (+1000, +2500).

In 2022, the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers were the league’s best teams, with the Dallas Cowboys giving them a run for the NFC East crown.

Nonetheless, the Lions’ prominence in the standings is unexpected. Detroit’s analytics-backed, go-for-it mentality grew during the season, turning the Lions into a club that few in the NFL wanted to face, despite the team’s failure to make the playoffs.

In 2023, the NFC North will be as wide open as it has ever been, and the Lions will have offensive coordinator Ben Johnson back on their roster.

But, the NFC’s true worth is probably found in its lower tiers.






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