Courtland Sutton Trade Price May Be Too High

According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, the Denver Broncos have been willing to discuss trades for both Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton; however, the team’s “asking price has remained too high” for Sutton. The Broncos’ asking price for Sutton has been cited as the reason for their unwillingness to make a deal.

Howe continued by saying, “He isn’t seen as a No. 1 receiver.”

Sutton played in 15 games during the 2017 season and ended with 64 receptions, 829 yards, and two touchdowns. Even though he had 1,112 receiving yards in 2019, the year in which he was selected for the Pro Bowl, he has not achieved the 1,000-yard mark in any of the three years that have followed.

A broken ACL sidelined him for the majority of the year 2020, but the issue appears to have been an inability to connect with his quarterbacks over the previous two years.

According to Pro Football Reference, Sutton received 98 looks and was fourth in the NFL in average depth of target in 2021. Nevertheless, despite this, he only caught 59.2 percent of the passes that were directed his way. Sutton was only successful in catching 58.7 percent of targets last season, despite the fact that the Broncos appeared to improve their roster by adding Russell Wilson.

Last year, Jeudy ended with more receptions (67) and yards (972) than Sutton did, despite Sutton having nine more targets than Jeudy did for the Broncos. He had a catch percentage of 67% with the Broncos.

There are still three years left on Sutton’s extended contract for $60 million over four years, but it appears that the Broncos are prepared to move on.

Despite the fact that the player is under contract, a transaction would pose a moderately low risk for another team when it was completed. According to Spotrac, there will be a total of just $7.65 million in dead cap after the 2023 season, which makes it possible to release Sutton.

The 6’4″ wideout has demonstrated in the past that he is a capable deep threat, and the proper circumstance has the potential to bring out his full talent. Because there aren’t many dependable receivers in free agency and this year’s draft class is loaded with unanswered questions, dealing for Sutton could be the best approach to improve at the position.

Before any transaction could be finalized, it is obvious that the Broncos would have to reduce the amount that they are asking for.





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